Thursday, 8 December 2016

An Elf, a Dwarf and a Human Go in to a Bar...

An Elf, a Human and a Dwarf, all old friends, are sitting at a tavern,

The Human grins and says "Damn, but I had fun last night. My wife and I made love seven times... When we woke up this morning, she told me she loved me and was going to make my favorite

The Elf looks at him, then smirks and responds "Well, I only made love
four times to my wife last night, but each time was like a new experience.. When we awoke this morning, she said she would surprise me again tonight.."

The Dwarf looks at them both and snorts, drinking his beer silently.
After an uncomfortable amount of time being stared at by the other two, he finally says "Fine, fine.. My wife made love only once last night."

The other two blink, until the Elf smirks and asks "Pray, tell us what she said to you this morning.."

This time, the Dwarf smirks and says "She said.. Please, Honey, don't stop now..."

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