Sunday, 18 December 2016

An Orc Scientist

An Orc scientist (yes there are such creatures) was experimenting on a frog.

He told the frog to jump and it jumped 4 feet. Being a clever Orc he realised that because the frog had four feet then it had jumped four feet.

He decided to cut off a leg (he kept it for soup for later of course) and told the frog to jump and this time it jumped three feet. "Clever," thought the Orc, realising that he was on to something.

He cut off another leg and the frog jumped two feet and then he cut off the final leg. He was thinking of winning a No-bull prize with his outstanding work.

"Jump," he commanded, but nothing happened. "Jump!" he insisted but again nothing happened.

He frowned as he wrote in his log-book, "Cutting all the legs off a frog makes it deaf."

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