Saturday, 11 March 2017

What Trouble Can an Orc, Goblin and Troll Get up to?

An orc, a goblin and a troll are each sentenced to a year in prison and each is given a wish. The goblin asks for a year's supply of whisky and he is granted his request.

The orc asks for a year's supply of  beer and again is granted his wish.

The troll demands a year's supply of the strongest cigarettes.

One year later and the three are released. The goblin staggers out of his cell and cries, "I am free," before keeling over, dead from alcohol poisoning.

The orc, races from his cell, still fully inebriated and staggers into a wall. Knocking himself unconscious and promptly dies from his wounds.

Tentatively they open the Troll's door, but it walks calmly out with no signs of an adverse affects. The onlookers gasp, given how many cartons of cigarettes they had supplied.

"I say..," says the troll in a very upper class accent, "...anyone got any matches?"

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