Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Modern Day Orc, Goblin and Troll Joke

An orc, a goblin and a troll are sitting in a sauna when there is a bleeping sound and the orc says, "That's for me."

He taps his palm and then talks into it, "Yes, mum. I'll be home for dinner." The other two look at him quizzically and he smiles and states -- "New technology. My phone is built into my hand."

There is a buzzing and the goblin says, "That's for me." He presses his earlobe and says, "Yes, darling. Two pints of milk and some eggs. Right you are."

He smiles at the other two and says, "My phone is in my earlobe. Very handy."

The troll feels distinctly left out and then has an idea and goes to the toilet. He comes back with toilet paper hanging out of his rear end. When he returns the orc says, "What's that hanging out of your bum?"

The troll looks behind him, "Goodness, it's a fax from my dad!"

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