Friday, 24 February 2017

An elf, a troll and an orc, walking along a beach...

An orc, an elf and a troll are walking along a beach when one of them kicks a bottle. Picking it up the elf rubs it and out pops a genie. "Oh Masters, you have set me free. I will grant each of you a wish."

The troll goes first and in an American accent says, "Trolls are misunderstood. I would like to make recompense to all the peoples of the land and so wish that my country's grain output (yes trolls do farm) was tripled so that we can feed the other races."

"A noble request," says the genie. "Your wish is granted."

"My turn," slavers the orc in a French accent. "My people are also misunderstood. We are not warlike," he grins at the other two, "I would therefore like a wall around our lands so that no one can ever invade again."

"A noble wish," says the genie. "Your wish is granted."

"My turn," states the elf in a decidedly upper-class English accent. "First, tell me more about his wall."

"Certainly," says the genie, proud to reveal his skills."It is twenty feet thick and made from granite. There isn't a single ingress and I have made it an impressive forty feet high. Nothing can get in or out."

"Great," says the elf. "Fill it with water."

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